Uncle Alec  - shory film, documentary/animation          

My great uncle Alec was one of six members of our family to have seen action in

various campaigns during the Second World War.  But of the six who went,

Alec would be the only one not to survive.  

He died in the mountains of Northern Italy, on the 7th of August, 1944

at the age of nineteen.

Seventy years later, the story of Uncle Alec's last day has been found in another

soldier's memoirs.  The entire account written in detail by Cpl. Donald Mackenzie

of the Lovat Scouts- the very man who stood by Alec during his final moments.

This project is just getting underway, material from pre production will be posted as we

move along.

Thanks for your interest,  

-Payton Curtis

Alec Proctor

Don Mackenzie